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Quiet Earth

Custom Brainwave Meditation CD


Custom Brainwave Meditation CD

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Product Description

Format: Audio CD (change to the MP3 Download of this title)
Type: Brainwave Meditation
Author: James Wild
© 2015. Free Shipping on this item

Order your custom made track of a length of your choosing to improve your meditations
We decided to create this title after requests for meditation tracks of a specific duration; as consistently meditating for a set time can bring out the best in our meditations. While it is time consuming to create your track, we have kept the price to a minimum. Just our part in offering you different products and good wholesome service.

What you receive:
A custom made audio track of a length of your choosing (please allow two days to receive the download).

All you need to do is decide on the following:
A. The type of meditation (please choose one of the 11 options listed below).
B. The time (length of track) you require (it can be up to 60 mins).

**Please enter the details of your choice in the box at top right of this page (to the right of the product image) and then order the product by adding it to your cart. If you require more than one option then you need to add that to the number in the "quantity" field.

James will then create the special audio which will take up to two days. Then we send you a link where you can download the MP3. Contact Us if you want to give the details of your choice via email or have any questions - we would be most happy to help.

Your options are (one only for each product):

  • 1. Alpha Metronome only
  • 2. Alpha Metronome with Beach Waves
  • 3. Alpha Metronome with Music
  • 4. Theta Metronome only
  • 5. Theta Metronome with Beach Waves
  • 6. Theta Metronome with Music
  • 7. Delta Metronome only
  • 8. Delta Metronome with Beach Waves
  • 9. Delta Metronome with Music
  • 10. Beach Waves only
  • 11. Relaxing Music only

Note from James Wild: Meditation has given me great joy in my life with the brainwave rhythms being a very effective aid. I have found that meditating consistently for a set length of time gives the greatest benefits, so I am happy to create a special track for you, so you can get the most from your meditations. Meditation is a great tool to enhance one's life and I reckon we all should give it a go. As after all, the more people that are relaxed and in tune with themselves and their surrounds the more salubrious we all are.

Available Brainwave Metronomes



Research information on Brainwave States

Due to the collective electrical activity of neurons, the brain produces a resonant frequency measured in cycles per second or hertz (Hz) called a brainwave state. At any one time the brain produces all frequencies but collectively a dominant one can be measured. The brain is highly dynamic and during the day and night we pass through all states being dependent on our physical and mental activities.

Beta (14+Hz) - everyday working conscious state - as you read these lines you are most likely in the Beta state. 
Alpha (7-14Hz) - a calm relaxed state. Occurs while daydreaming and during light meditation but can also occur when one is focused and mentally alert. Has links to dreaming during sleep, simple problem solving and a positive outlook on life.
Theta (4-7Hz) - for deep meditation, relaxation and exploring psychic phenomena. Associated with creative insight, flashes of intuition, advanced problem solving, altered states, better sleep and boosting immune system function. 
Delta (1-4Hz) - associated with deep sleep and body healing but also linked to benefits of deep meditative states such as profound visions, bliss and altered states. 

Research using techniques known as Biofeedback has shown that an external stimulus (such as the repetitive metronome tone) induces the brain to match the resonant frequency. This enables the subject to access the different levels of brainwave activity. Many people have shown that through practice they can maintain consciousness while accessing the benefits of being in any of these states. These include deep relaxation; more energy and better sleep; enhanced focus and concentration; accelerated learning;  feelings of joy, happiness and compassion; body healing; plus phenomena associated with altered states of consciousness such as out of body experiences, feeling of rebirth, vivid dream recall, an explosion in creativity, strange time/space occurrences and many others.

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