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Quiet Earth

The Complete Brainwave Meditation Pack 5CD


The Complete Brainwave Meditation Pack 5CD

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Product: Audio 5CD set
Type: Meditation and Discussion
Author: James Wild

© 2011. Total time: 314mins
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Tap into the power of meditation with this 5CD set created by James Wild.

Includes a CD with fascinating information on meditation and the Brainwave states.

Each of the 4 metronome CDs is one long continuous metronome sound at the noted frequencies for aiding meditation and perception enhancement. Using the frequency following response the recordings help align your brainwave activity to the metronome enabling you to access the various states. This is called brainwave entrainment. The benefits are numerous and noted below. The sound is rounded and unobtrusive. When meditating with the metronome it is important to stay as alert as possible – focus your intention. Note that with practice you will find yourself more adept at slipping into the various states. For some it will happen right away. With others it may take several weeks.

FAQ on the metronomes and how to get the most out of them

CD 1: Alpha Brainwave Metronome (70mins)

Alpha (8-7Hz) - A calm relaxed state of mind. Occurs while daydreaming and during light meditation but can also occur when one is focused and mentally alert. Associated with general relaxation, increased clarity with fast learning and strong memory recall - people use it for dedication in study. Has links to dreaming during sleep. You can use the Alpha rhythm for dream interpretation. When you wake in the morning, pop on the Alpha rhythm and dedicate your meditation to dream recall and interpretation. Need a more positive outlook and general relaxation? Need to understand your dreams? Choose the Alpha brainwave.

CD 2: Theta Brainwave Metronome (67mins)

Theta (5-4 Hz) - For deep meditation, relaxation and altered states of consciousness. Strongly associated with creative insight and flashes of intuition. Reported benefits of the Theta state include: deep relaxation; increased clarity, perception and intuition; advanced problem solving and memory enhancement; greater energy levels and wellbeing; euphoria; and many of the psychic phenomena associated with altered states of consciousness. The Theta metronome has been widely used by Stuart Wilde in his meditations. You can dedicate your meditation to a creative aspect of your life and watch the scenes in your mind and feelings unfold. Much anecdotal evidence suggests that the Theta brainwave state is the healing state – your body will love it – not to mention the benefits to your wellbeing in general. Need re-charging, a stronger immune system, a boost in energy and more creativity, intuition? Need to tap into altered states of consciousness? Choose the Theta brainwave.

CD 3: Delta Brainwave Metronome (67mins)

Delta (3-2 Hz) - Associated with deep relaxation and altered states of consciousness Reported benefits of the Delta state include: very deep relaxation and meditation; body/mind healing – reverse the aging process; better quality sleep; blissful feelings and empathy; spiritual healing and many of the psychic phenomena associated with altered states of consciousness
Need deep relaxation, body healing, more empathy and spiritual healing? Choose the Delta brainwave.

CD 4: Gamma Brainwave Metronome (70mins)

Gamma (40 Hz) - Associated with greater feelings of happiness and contentment. Reported benefits of the Gamma state include: increased happiness and compassion; boosted intelligence and learning; enhanced sensory perception; a unified perception of consciousness with a positive outlook on life. Associated with a lift in mood and greater feelings of wellbeing and love for oneself and others. Evidence from recent studies suggests that the Gamma brainwave state induces a lift in mood with people experiencing elevated levels of joy and compassion. This is believed to be affected by the release of endorphins - the body's natural opiates. So, is the Dalai Lama walking in a sea of Gamma rhythms? There is only a little research and a few anecdotes about the Gamma rhythm so get experimenting and let us know what you experience. Need a lift in happiness and more compassion and love? Need to grow your intelligence? Choose the Gamma brainwave.

CD 5: A comprehensive discussion on Meditation and the Brainwave states by James Wild

This is over 40 minutes of discussion by James Wild on all you need to know about the metronomes and the Brainwave states. Covers a lot of ground and includes the following tracks:

Track 1. Introduction and the metronome sounds (2.15)
Track 2. The hows and whys of meditation and brainwaves (13.38)
Track 3. Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma brainwave states (18.43)
Track 4. Meditation: Buddhism; right-left brain; neurotransmitters; sleep and dreams (6.12)

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