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Quiet Earth

Creating With A Bang eBook


Creating With A Bang eBook

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Format: PDF Download
Type: eBook
Author: Hunter K. Smith
© 2017 Hunter K Smith. Pages: 298. Size: 1MB

A wild romp of a novel full of mystical adventure and intrigue that includes some quite assertive instruction on health and healing. The main character, George, is based on a real life inspirational author who taught millions ("George" is well represented on Quiet Earth).

By living the divine life of George, you could grab control and heal your body and life in a heartbeat. You could save thousands of dollars every year by being a clever consumer. You have that divine spark of brilliance and can create anything - what are you waiting for? A SHOW and TELL like no other

Carlos, Lulu, George, the Men in Black, robot Joe and Victor live in different time zones and are centuries apart but are connected through one eternal soul which can go this way or that. Their daily connections alter their lives and the world.

Follow Lulu's journey with her friends as she leaves behind a life of sickness and servitude to create a new one of health wealth and independence. And don't worry, she'll share her recipes of well-being with humans and their furry friends along the way.

The answer was here all along. A book to bring to your favourite reading space and change your life forever

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The author Hunter K Smith

Hunter K. Smith

 THREE 5 STAR REVIEWS from International Review Panel

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Certainly food for thought and challenging to the traditional mind set. A contemporary piece that has the ingredients, recipe and mix for stimulating serious thought. - B Rorbye, Teacher

I've never, ever read anything like this. Talk about engaging, riveting. Loved, LOVED all the voices here! Carlo. Victor. Lulu. This is really dynamite. Seriously. Not the type of book I'd ever have picked up but I've devoured it in one sitting!  So much amazing info in here, love the touches re: different cultures and man, oh man, the voice - this is SUBLIME!  Seriously you should be so very, very proud of this piece of art. I'm gobsmacked!!! The words. The way the sentences are formed. Exquisite. I have to read this again, at a much, much slower pace so that I can relish each sentence, and word. Fab pacing!!! You keep it up throughout. - Mari Maxwell, Published Author and Journalist.

This author has brilliantly captured the essence of creativity. Brace yourself to be challenged about what you may think is ‘normal’, while engulfing yourself in this enlightening and very funny story. It is fabulous to see an author write with such a unique imaginative style, who is not frightened to go against the rules. While completely challenging what is often considered correct regarding inscription and storytelling. It is a breath of fresh air to read something so different. This incredible author has helped many people in so many ways, and has now shared that wisdom and knowledge to all. With many twists and turns to keep you guessing all the way right to the last page, the health benefits are also amazing! I read it again and again and each time yet another hidden message jumped out at me like it was a new story I was reading. It has helped me in so many ways. Thank you Hunter for sharing your incredible knowledge and wisdom disguised (almost) in this illuminating work of art. I can’t wait for the next one! - Sandra Vincent-Guy, Author of Take Charge: How can it get better than this? Amazon Best Seller in 3 categories.

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