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Quiet Earth

Better Sleep with Delta MP3

$19.95 $12.95
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Better Sleep with Delta MP3

$19.95 $12.95
(You save $7.00)
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Product Description

Format: MP3 Download (change to the CD of this title)
Type: Music and Relaxation
Author/Artist: James Wild

© 2012. Size: 125MB (256kbps). Total time: 60mins

Develop a Healthy Sleeping Cycle with music and brainwave technology

We all know the benefits of a restorative good night’s sleep. But with our modern day lifestyles, sleep is often being sacrificed for other activities or is disrupted with our busy mind chatter. This audio is designed to help you sleep and to train your brain so you can continue to have refreshing sleeps.

During sleep we pass through different cycles of Brainwave states. The purpose of this long 60 minute track is to allow your mind to let go, and to move you into the deeper Brainwave level of Delta - the state of restorative deep sleep called Slow Wave Sleep.

To aid this process, James Wild has embedded in his peaceful, flowing music, a softly recorded Brainwave metronome sound. This sound starts at a frequency of 4 Hertz (Theta) and gradually over the first 30 minutes slows down to 2 hertz (the Brainwave dimension of Delta). This gives you the benefits of the frequency following response where you naturally follow the metronome down into deeper levels.

Track 1: Better Sleep with Delta (60 mins - Relaxing Music with Theta to Delta Brainwave sound)



Note from James: When I put this on to check the master audio I started to nod off so it certainly works for me. I've always wanted to create a recording that transitions from Theta to Delta and voilà. This 60min track is specifically created, not only to help you get to sleep, but also to create a healthier sleeping cycle. But like me you could also use it for mindful meditation to access deeper states. I find it excellent.

How to use the audio: Brainwave entrainment is when we listen to a rhythm such as a metronome sound and the brains electrical activity matches the resonant frequency. So this audio is designed to help you access the deeper level of the Theta and Delta Brainwave states. Just put on the audio before you sleep. For most it’s best to play at low volume.

About the frequency following response: To help you access deeper sleep, the tone starts at a frequency of 4 Hz (Theta Brainwave) and over the first 30 mins gradually slows down to 2 Hz (Delta Brainwave). The remainder of the track stays at 2 Hz. This gives you the benefits of the frequency following response where the brain’s activity “follows the metronome”, moving you gradually into a deeper state. A big advantage of this recording is that you don't have to use headphones

Science recognises 4 stages of sleep (Non-REM sleep)* which correspond to different Brainwave States.

Stage 1: This is a transitory stage between being awake and drifting off to sleep. The brain waves begin to move from the relaxed state of Alpha to the deeper state of Theta.

Stage 2: This stage can make up to around half of all sleep time showing predominately Theta Brainwave patterns.

Stage 3 and 4: These two stages are grouped together and are termed Slow Wave Sleep (SWS). As you move from stage 3 to 4 you show less of the Theta Brainwaves and increased Delta until in stage 4 Delta completely dominates. The SWS stages are the deepest and often called “restorative sleep”.

*Note that these 4 stages are all called non-REM sleep (Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep). There is another stage called REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) which cycles throughout the night with non-REM sleep.

For more on sleep see his article by James Wild.

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