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Quiet Earth

Subliminal Power Series

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- CDs

With music by James Wild, this series contains some of our most highly regarded and best selling recordings. See below for information and instructions on their use. Plus check out our SUBLIMINAL FAQ POSTING

About the Quiet Earth Subliminal Recordings
Subliminal programs can be used with remarkable effectiveness to alter a specific behaviour or pattern of your choice. With our recordings we offer a variety of programs. The subliminal messages are recorded ‘behind’ the music, with the theory being that they bypass the conscious mind entering directly into the subconscious – your motivating force. Here they affect the changes you desire by reprogramming this part of your mind. Note: you don’t consciously hear the messages; you only hear the music or beach waves.

We believe Quiet Earth subliminals to be the most powerful available….why? – check out these points.

The best and most powerful messages - Because the subconscious understands information exactly as presented it is important to have simple, direct messages. For example, the message “Everyday in every way I am getting better and better” may be ineffective because it has a future reference. It is better to simply say, “I am experiencing greatness”. The words must be expressed in the moment for them to really effect change.

No distracting introduction - there is no verbal introduction so when you play the tracks all you hear is the beautiful music or ocean waves giving you your program immediately

Excellent music - People love the music on our subliminal recordings which is unique for each title. The original music for track 1 and ocean waves for track 2 are specifically designed for relaxation enabling you to receive the full benefits. Music by James Wild. (Note: for the Stuart Wilde subliminals there is a single music track).

Effectiveness - We have been selling subliminals for 15 years and have heard hundreds of testimonials as to their remarkable effectiveness.

The Recordings - The Subliminal Power Series uses two tracks using the same messages/affirmations. The first is 30 mins of music: the second 30 mins of beach waves. The Stuart Wilde subliminal series uses a single 60 minute music track. 


I have almost all the Quiet Earth Subliminal and they work exceptionally well. I can't spend more than a few days without listening to them. I believe they have played a vital part in my general wellbeing. They really do make me feel good and I always take them with me when I travel - S. Trad, Melbourne, Australia

I think your subliminals are fantastic. Someone gave me one and now I'm addicted - the changes I notice are quite remarkable. Thank you for making such a great product. Best Robyn, email

I absolutely love your subliminal recordings. I think the music is the best I have ever heard. I've bought many subliminals and new age music before, but yours enable me to travel to deeper relaxed states than the others. Also, I think it's wonderful that you have different music on each title. A lot of subliminals have the same music which gets monotonous. I have been playing your discs through the night and am having the deepest sleeps ever. It's brilliant! - Jackie - email

I have a good collection of your subliminals and play them daily. It is wonderful and I have benefitted from them and recommend them to friends. Keep up the good work! - N Edmonds - email

These subliminal are Brilliant. Good Stuff Quiet Earth - G. Dakoulas, Fitzroy, Australia

Love your subliminal recordings. Just wonderful. I play them constantly at home especially in the evening - Patricia, email

Our consultants use them in their practice with excellent results. Very good to play and having a great effect - especially letting go - Grant, Eternal Spirit, Australia

It is just so great to have a choice between the moving music and beach waves. These recordings we have used in our meditation sessions and are perfect. Grand - Jennifer, email

Music is so beautiful and peaceful - G. Makin, Croydon, Australia

I love the CDs and they are helping me heaps. I have only heard them for a week and I feel the changes already - K Kettler, NSW, Australia

Been using subs for 14 years and yours are the best in the world. Excellent music which can be played over and over - S. Mitchell, Wheelers Hill, Australia

Congratulations on your subliminal range!! They are truly wonderful!! I have 4 of them in my collection and find that unlike other subliminals they are easy to listen to and are not distracting" - Deb, email

Truly beautiful and heartfelt music that I listen to over and over again. We all love them at our household so thanks for creating the subliminals - Rodger, email

How to use the Subliminal Recording for maximum effect
The affirmations (messages) become most effective when you are relaxed; so for most people the best time to listen to to the recording is in the evening or first thing in the morning. However, they can work in any situation so you can play them at any time (even as background music). Some people use the recording as a soft backdrop for meditation.

Dedication: If you want to use the subliminal to affect change in a specific area of your life, then it would be optimal to play the recording for at least 30 minutes every day for 30 days as a dedication. You may also play the recording continuously through the night while sleeping if you feel it is appropriate (the volume can be kept at a minimum so you can just hear the audio).

Why Use Subliminal Programs
The programs are designed to effect change in an area of your life that you have a strong desire to put in place. To understand behavioural changes we can look at how we learn a new skill like driving a car. In the beginning you are very conscious of how to turn, when to brake etc. After practice, driving becomes second nature, i.e. you don’t have to think about each specific event – the coordination of hands and feet becomes a more or less subconscious exercise. Much of the minds fundamental power for change is locked in the subconscious our motivating force – hard wired years of experiences.  Most of us have had the experience where we consciously create a change for the better, only to find that we gradually or suddenly slip back into our old patterns. This could be anything from a boost in self-confidence or more physical things such as weight loss or giving up smoking. Why does this happen? It does because the conscious mind can only overrule the subconscious for short periods. For example if you have low self-esteem around your financial position you can consciously do seminars, recite affirmations, hang around wealthy people which may put you on the road to wealth. But often what happens is under pressure and stress the subconscious surfaces and ultimately prevails giving us our old “programming” back. Physical addictions such as smoking and eating disorders carry a strong emotional component that must be addressed for change to occur.

The patterns of the subconscious are what we need to unravel or reprogram if we want to re-create certain habits or behaviours: especially ones that have a strong emotional connection. Subliminal messages can aid in the process for change and here’s why.

How the Subliminal Program Works
Many scientific studies have shown that the brain responds to external stimuli that for one reason or another are not consciously perceived. The subconscious acts like a mop - absorbing activity occurring around us. I believe that we pick up and take on an immeasurable amount of subliminal information from our environment, from subtle advertising messages to other people’s feelings. 

It has been shown that you become more receptive to the messages when your desire for change is strong and when you are more relaxed. In our normal conscious waking state the brain produces a collective activity of electrical frequency of 7 to 14 cycles per second or beta state. In a relaxed state the activity will slow down to 4 to 7 cps (alpha) or even 2 to 4 cps (theta). It is during these states that we become more open to suggestion and is why the best time to play the subliminals (for maximum effect) is when you are most relaxed - say in the morning or the evening. You can play them anytime however. If you feel it appropriate you can play them at night while you sleep, keeping the volume at an minimal level.

The Placebo Effect
We would like to point out the powerful placebo effect of programs like subliminal recordings. There is no hard scientific evidence that subliminals work. There is however a very large volume of anecdotal evidence to point to their effectiveness, not to mention the belief in the power of the subconscious mind that has such a powerful effect on our lives.

This music on our subliminals specifically designed for relaxation giving you maximum receptivity to the messages. The near absence of melody and the ethereal nature of the sound is a real strength of the Quiet Earth subliminals. This helps to shut off the left-brain our analytical and judgmental side and let the intuitive and emotional right-brain come forth – a key to changing the subconscious. Another strength of the CDs are the choice of two tracks with 30 mins of music on the first and 30 mins of beach waves on the second. The messages are masked by the music/beach waves and are recorded just below audibility of the human ear. The messages or affirmations are like a flood of positive energy building the necessary energy for change.