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Quiet Earth

Theta Metronome MP3

$19.95 $12.95
(You save $7.00)

Theta Metronome MP3

$19.95 $12.95
(You save $7.00)
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Product Description

Format: MP3 Download
Type: Brainwave Meditation
Produced by: James Wild

© 2002. Size: 31MB. Total time: 67mins

For Meditation and Perception Enhancement

This recording is one long track of a continuous Theta Brainwave Metronome sound for aiding meditation and perception enhancement. It achieves this by helping to slow down brainwave activity to the levels associated with deep relaxation and altered states of consciousness. Theta Brainwaves are associated strongly with creativity, emotional balance and enhanced psychic experiences.

Track 1: Theta Metronome (67mins)

Recorded from 5 to 4 cycles per second. To help you access the deeper state of the Theta Brainwave, the tone starts at a frequency of 5 Hz and over the first 30 mins gradually slows down to 4 Hz. The remainder of the track stays at 4 Hz. This gives you the benefits of the frequency following response where the brain’s activity “follows the metronome”, moving you gradually deeper in your meditation to the desired state. A big advantage of this recording is that you don't have to use headphones to achieve the theta brainwave state.

Benefits of the Theta Brainwave state:

  • Deep relaxation, increased clarity, perception and intuition – connecting with Theta gives you all the benefits of deep relaxation and a bridge to the subconscious mind. Theta is where your “gut feel” instincts come alive and your perceptions become more acute.
  • Heightened creativity and emotional balance – because the Theta Brainwave state is linked to creative expression and a more emotional connection to things, then it can help unlock your artistic talent in writing or other imaginative and inventive endeavors. Theta can give your thoughts a livelier spark with greater fluency. Feel the creative, emotional life and access Theta!!
  • Greater energy levels, lower stress and a strengthened immune system – with the benefits of deep relaxation, people report lower anxiety levels and calmness in their relationship to the world. Less stress brings all the rewards of a robust immune system.
  • Advanced problem solving and enhanced memory – while the Alpha state lifts your basic problem solving skills, Theta boosts it up a notch with the ability to get past mental blocks and allay the confusion that can occur in the Beta awakened state. One can feel more settled and see problems in their broadest sense. The Theta Brainwave state is also linked to an increase in long-term memory resolution.
  • Spiritual connection, euphoria, benevolence and empathy – much evidence suggests that people can experience a profound connection to all things – a more spiritual, enlightened state of being while in the Theta brainwave state. Metaphysically Theta is associated with the plant kingdom.
  • Enhanced psychic experiences - the Theta state can induce various psychic phenomena and altered states of consciousness such as paranormal visions, ESP, OBE’s, ability to see auras and many others.

Need more information on the brainwaves states? SELECT HERE for an article by James Wild

"The Theta CD puts me into a confident, go for it and get it done mood which is good for at work but I also feel relaxed and extra caring/loving and understanding towards others. Interesting!" L Mickelburg, Chittaway Bay, Australia.

"The Theta recording has helped me go deeper in my meditations and I feel much clearer when I come out. Letely I have been feeling more settled and less anxious." N Markic, Footscray, Australia

"I have used this recording for years and find it the best way to go into meditation. At times I feel very conected to all things with even euphoric feelings which is like an altered state." M Theophanos, Calgary, Canada

"Great recording. I use Theta everyday in my meditations and will continue to do so as I find I can focus much better than listening to music or a voice." Boris, email, USA

"I have used the Quiet Earth Theta recording for a long time now and it is the best Brainwave meditation i have come across. I can access deep levels quite easily and was able to do this fairly quickly when I started. Thanks Quiet Earth for this recording - It has helped me immensley." John G, email, Manchester, UK


How to use the Theta Brainwave recording 
Find a quiet place to sit or lie down making yourself comfortable. When listening to the recording the goal is to still the mind, let go of extraneous thoughts and relax into your space. You may like to concentrate on the silence between the sounds, which can help you focus and remain alert. While the best results come from a willingness to focus your attention, if you find yourself drifting off then don’t let it concern you - this can be part of the experience and may lead to insights and unusual perceptions. Acknowledge every experience you have. With practice, you will be able to slip into deeper states of meditation while remaining mindful and perceptively relaxed.

Research information on Brainwave States
Due to the collective electrical activity of neurons, the brain produces a resonant frequency measured in cycles per second or hertz (Hz) called a brainwave state. At any one time the brain produces all frequencies but collectively a dominant one can be measured. The brain is highly dynamic and during the day and night we pass through all states being dependent on our physical and mental activities.

Gamma (40+Hz) associated with a lift in mood, happiness, intelligence and greater feelings of love for oneself and others.
Beta (14+Hz) - everyday working conscious state - as you read these lines you are most likely in the Beta state. 
Alpha (7-14Hz) - a calm relaxed state. Occurs while daydreaming and during light meditation but can also occur when one is focused and mentally alert. Has links to dreaming during sleep, simple problem solving and a positive outlook on life.
Theta (4-7Hz) - for deep meditation, relaxation and exploring psychic phenomena. Associated with creative insight, flashes of intuition, advanced problem solving, altered states, better sleep and boosting immune system function. 
Delta (1-4Hz) - associated with deep sleep and body healing but also linked to benefits of deep meditative states such as profound visions, bliss and altered states. 

Research using techniques known as Biofeedback has shown that an external stimulus (such as the repetitive metronome tone) induces the brain to match the resonant frequency. This enables the subject to access the different levels of brainwave activity. Many people have shown that through practice they can maintain consciousness while accessing the benefits of being in any of these states. These include deep relaxation; more energy and better sleep; enhanced focus and concentration; accelerated learning;  feelings of joy, happiness and compassion; body healing; plus phenomena associated with altered states of consciousness such as out of body experiences, feeling of rebirth, vivid dream recall, an explosion in creativity, strange time/space occurrences and many others.

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