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Cafe Mantra Chant1 Chakra Sounds MP3


Cafe Mantra Chant1 Chakra Sounds MP3

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Format: MP3 Download
Type: Meditation/Music
Artist: Cafe Mantra - Jo Kelly

© 2013. Size: 89MB (256kbps). Total time: 43mins

Cafe Mantra Chant - Sound Meditation Healing Vibration for Meditation, Relaxation and Healing

CHAKRA SOUNDS is a collection of healing mantras that rests your mind, balances your chakra energies and restores harmony to your entire being.

Chanting is sound medicine, creating a powerful force that revives our innate wisdom and intelligence. Chant vibrations help balance the brain neurotransmitters such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, which promote healing in the body and mind.

You can chant along to the tracks or simply lie down and allow the soothing vibrations to wash over you. This is a natural and effective way to help relieve physical and mental stress, bringing rest and clarity into your life.

2 Tracks: (43mins)

1. Chakra Sounds Meditation (24.20)

2. Aum Meditation (18.10)

Track 1 features the bija sounds of the seven chakras. A bija sound is a seed syllable. Each seed sound ‘speaks’ to its related chakra reactivating energy flow. The sounds follow the balancing order of polarity, beginning at the heart centre.

Track 2 is the bija sound ‘Aum’. Aum is the original sound of the universe and carries with it the energy of compassion and wisdom. Aum is a saving sound that takes you across the ocean of difficulties and leads you to peace.

Note from James Wild: Jo has created another lovely album in the Cafe Mantra series. Chakra Sounds is perfect for balancing the body's energies - from your base to your crown. Our vocalizations are a precise individual expression of who we are and by chanting we can connect more deeply to ourselves and all living things (and of course it's most enjoyable :)


Trk1: Chakra Sounds Meditation

Yam – Heart

Ram – Naval

Ham – Throat

Vam – Sacral

Aum – Third Eye

Lam – Base

So Hum – Crown

Trk2: Aum Meditation

Aum (108 repetitions)


What are chakras?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel or vortex. Chakras are spinning energy centres aligned along the spinal column that vibrate at specific frequencies.  Chakras modulate the flow of energy between the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels of your being.

Each of the seven main chakras contains its own intelligence centre which controls aspects connected to your emotional, mental and belief systems. If there are disturbances in your body at any of these levels, it shows in the chakra’s vitality, affecting your wellbeing.

Chanting along with Chakra Sounds CD helps to reactivate your chakra energy system to improve your mental and physical health and open you to the great spirit of love within.


Cafe Mantra's Philosophy

As food nourishes your body, sacred sound feeds your soul.

For thousands of years the sages of ancient India have known of the spiritual science of sound, mantra and chanting and have passed on this wisdom to us in an unbroken lineage of the Vedic tradition.

The repetition of Sanskrit syllables and simple, yet inspired melodies invoke powerful healing vibrations that restore peace, harmony and vitality to our inner being and outer worlds, awakening us to the great spirit of love.

Cafe Mantra Music is founded on this ancient tradition, yet created for the modern mind. Sacred mantras and soothing sounds blend in a peaceful ambience for easy listening, relaxation, yoga or meditation.

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