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Quiet Earth

33 Steps Beyond the Earth Plane MP3


33 Steps Beyond the Earth Plane MP3

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Product Description

Format: MP3 Download
Type: Live Lecture with Meditations
Author: Stuart Wilde
© 1986. Size: 230MB. Total time: 520mins

The Classic Extended Live Seminar from Stuart Wilde (includes the 3 Crystal Cave Meditations)

33 steps is considered to be one of Stuart Wilde’s most celebrated works from an early era of metaphysical thought and understanding. Stuart imparts 33 ancient wisdoms that align to the philosophy of the Tao and the initiate teachings of days gone by. Through non-attachment and placid calm the sage pulls away from day-to-day reality, and empowers his or her perceptions of the unseen worlds.

In this extended live seminar, and with impressive delivery and much humour, Stuart Wilde gives you a concise action plan that will take you to a complete new understanding of yourself and the world. By integrating these steps you will move beyond the everyday world and pull to you an inner power that will serve you for your whole life.


Lecture 1: 2 tracks
1: Introduction (25:21)
2: Step 1 (29:01)

Lecture 2: 2 tracks
1: Steps 2 to 4 (23:21)
2: Q & A sharing (33:20)

Lecture 3: 2 tracks
1: Step 5 (32:25)
2: Steps 6 to 8 (36:54)

Lecture 4: 2 tracks
1: Steps 10 to 12 plus 9 (33.50)
2: Crystal Cave Meditation 1 – (34:50)

Lecture 5: 3 tracks
1: Meditation review (11:48)
2: Steps 13 to 16 (38:47)
3: Crystal Cave Meditation 2 – (22:06)

Lecture 6: 2 tracks
1: Review of steps 1 to 16 (32:46)
2: Steps 17 to 18 (20:20)

Lecture 7: 3 tracks
1: Steps 19 to 25 (31:15)
2: Intro to Theta and meditation 3 (10:57)
3: Nature and Super Self Meditation 3 – (26:42)

Lecture 8: 4 tracks
1: Steps 26 to 30 (20:59)
2: Q & A Sharing (24:38)
3: Steps 31 to 33 (3:57)
4: Crystal Cave Meditation 4 – (23:07)

Note from James Wild: 33 Steps is Stuart's best metaphysical seminar from the early days and I am most honoured to have worked on it (in fact it was a lot of work in the studio but I enjoyed it very much - The 4 Crystal Cave meditations have been improved greatly).

The energy of the 33 comes from Stuart's heart felt connection to the stories of Old Chinese and the 33 Plum Robed Sages. This connection, and the philosophy of the Tao, formed the basis of all his teachings.

Stuart had a knack for showing people a path that allows their spirit to shine - experiencing the resplendence of a different world. He was able to do this because he created and sustained a dimension around him that very few of the great teachers could ever manage to do.

The 33 Steps will be known for a long time as one of the great metaphysical seminars.This series is Highly Recommended.

The 33 Steps

1. I Am God

2. Expanding Inner Awareness

3. Courage To Go Beyond

4. Courage To Accept Spirit and Inner Guidance

5. Accepting Negativity

6. We learn About the World Through Belief Patterns – And Go Beyond

7. All Human Knowledge is Affected By Human Weakness

8. The Masters Were “Supernatural” Because Others Weren’t

9. Power Comes From Discipline

10. Centering the Mind

11. Believing You Are It, Being It

12. Your Word is Law

13. Disengaging From The World

14. Judge Nothing, Quantify Nothing

15. Hold On to Nothing

16. Constantly Purify Yourself

17. Don’t Defend

18. Respect All Living Things – Observe The Beauty in All Things

19. Power Rises From Within, The Initiate Doesn’t Push

20. Action Through Non-Action

21. Concentrating On Your Life Makes You Grow

22. Your Unique Inspiration And Creativity Come From Within

23. Avoid Becoming a Guru, Teach Energy

24. Become Fresh, Watch Nature, Align to Nature

25. Fear Not Death – Accept it, Live Life

26. Physical Discipline

27. Emotional Discipline

28. Mental Discipline

29. Philosophical Discipline

30. Spiritual Discipline

31. Quest

32. Fusion

33. The Initiate

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