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Quiet Earth

Trance States MP3


Trance States MP3

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Format: MP3 Download (change to the 2CD of this title)
Type: Discussion and Meditation
Author: Stuart Wilde

© 1995. Size: 55MB. Total time: 100mins

Learn About the Benefits of Meditation and Psychic Phenomena

In this audio Stuart Wilde reveals a wealth of remarkable information on meditation and altered states of perception. Stuart says, "The theta dimension is at the fringe of contemporary science. It is a source of inspiration and learning that can bring you deeply in touch with your inner guidance".

The first three tracks are discussions by Stuart on the benefits of theta states and psychic phenomena. Track 4 is a Theta Metronome Guided Meditation which will help you achieve the theta state effortlessly in your meditations.


4 Tracks (100mins)

1. Life as a Mystical Experience (28mins)
Includes information on: the mind; Freud and Jung; the bicameral mind - right left brain; inner knowing; inner worlds; symbols; clairsentience and feelings.

2. The Benefits of Theta (29mins)
Includes information on: brain wave rhythms and theta; visions and other worlds; delta brain wave; creativity; visual imagery; empathy with the world; inner guidance; focus and composure.

3. Psychic Phenomena in Theta (21mins)
Includes information on: the etheric; violet light; theta and transcendence; inner spiritual worlds; godliness; the OBE and the astral plane; tips on theta meditation.

4. Guided Meditation with Theta Metronome (22mins)

Note from James Wild: Strongly recommended series from Stuart Wilde on the phenomena of trance and altered states of consciousness. It really is a must if you are interested in accessing such states during meditation - particularly the theta brain wave state. An excellent discourse covering a lot of ground and here Stuart encapsulates this study with authority in his effecting style of delivery. 

"I can’t tell you enough how beneficial the trance states has been to my life - it has transformed the way I live" Linda, email, USA

"A fabulous series" G Smith, email, New Zealand

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