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Quiet Earth

Brainwave Metronomes FAQ

What are the benefits and differences between the metronome sounds and which one should I choose for meditation?
See this article and select the one that fits in with your goal.

What is the best way for me to listen to the recordings?
Find a quiet space and sit or lie in a comfortable position and focus on the sound. Your goal should be to quieten the mind, letting any extraneous thoughts drift away. With practice you will get better at staying focused and alert while in a relaxed, deeper state of meditation. You don't need headphones.

What should my breathing be like when listening to the recordings?
You should breathe evenly and freely. While meditating many people concentrate on their breathing – in and out in a steady rhythm slightly deeper than normal. Over time a natural breathing rhythm will become more and more a part of your meditation.

What volume should I play the sound?
Whatever you feel best but low volume seems to be the preferred setting for most people.

When is the best time to listen to the recordings?
When you are most relaxed. The morning or evening is usually best but you can pop them on anytime you feel that you need to meditate.

How often do I need to meditate to the metronome recordings?
Once a day for at least 20 mins is good. You can go for longer certainly. Some people like to meditate twice a day. It’s entirely up to you. If you can’t do it daily at first, then every other day is fine. Or once a week is better than none at all. The most important thing is to set up a rhythm – meditating at a certain time for a decided period. This helps sync your body and mind, setting up a power and and expectancy that resonates within you. Your whole being will begin to settle into regular relaxation and you will find it easier to access deeper states.

What if I find myself drifting off all the time?
This is normal when you first start to meditate. The mind can be hard to discipline, it will tend to resist and your thoughts may wander. Simply let it be and do your best to stay focused. With practice you will find that your mind wanders less and less and you are able stay awake and hold your attention.

Can I play them while going to sleep?
Yes provided it doesn’t upset your sleep rhythm. Some people like to play the Delta Rhythm at very low volume while sleeping.

Do I need to use headphones?
No it is not necessary – one of the great benefits of the Quiet Earth metronome recordings.

Can I play them while working or going about my business in the home?
The benefits may not be readily available if you play the sound while in the awakening beta state moving about. So really we don’t recommend it.

Can I play different metronomes at different times of the day or on successive days?
There is no reason why you cannot. Go for it and note your experiences.

How do I know if I am in the right brainwave state?
In short you have no way of truly knowing. The idea or goal is to progressively over time move down into a deeper states of relaxation/meditation while remaining awake. You will be able to ascertain from experience how deep you are from one meditation to another.

For how long will I have to meditate to experience altered states of consciousness?
No one can put a time on such a goal. For some such experiences will happen right away – for others it may be weeks or months. Some never experience significant altered states at all, but get an uplifting experience from simply meditating and all the benefits that come from a healthier state of mind. It is important to note that when you first start to meditate it may seem like nothing is happening and your mind may start to wander and ask "What am I doing here?" You will find, that as you set up a rhythm, you will begin to allow a stillness, the mind will begin to pacify and the purity of consciousness will begin to filter into your meditations.

Can I use a mantra or chanting when meditating while listening to the sounds?
Yes certainly but the volume of the metronome may be best kept low.

What are all the symbols, colours and unusual geometric shapes I see or experience mean?
When you begin to drift to lower levels of mind, feelings and thoughts will arise that you may not be familiar with. These can come in all types of shapes, colours and symbols - each of us have our own unique store. While some of these symbols etc may have an archetypal reference, often their meaning will be unique to you. Many people use meditation as a way to tease out these symbols etc as a sort of clearing process creating spiritual harmony within themselves. Or they may look at the symbols as mindful exploration which can be a bit of fun.

Could there be any harmful effects while listening to the sounds?
Some people feel discomfort or negative emotions surfacing when they start listening to the sounds – this can be a normal reaction. As you set up your rhythm and begin to allow a quiet space into your life, the mind/body may rebel and resist the coming changes. The subconscious feelings that well up can be discomforting or unsettling. For more see next question.

If I feel overly emotional or discomfort when playing the metronomes should I stop?
If such feelings persists then stop for a few days or a week and come back to it. You really have to gauge it for yourself. We would urge you not give up too easily, but taking a break may be a good idea - you can then come back to it when you feel you are ready.