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Quiet Earth

Quick Theta Energy Recharge MP3

$19.95 $12.95
(You save $7.00)

Quick Theta Energy Recharge MP3

$19.95 $12.95
(You save $7.00)
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Product Description

Format: MP3 Download (change to the CD of this title)
Type: Meditation and Music
Author/Artist: James Wild

© 2012. Size: 47MB. Total time: 50mins

Get a Quick Energy Boost Whenever and Wherever You Choose

Need a quick energy recharge at work or home? On the plane or train? Well this audio could be just what you need. These tracks are designed to give you a quick boost in vitality by shifting you into a deeper state of relaxation and enhanced focus. Research has shown that even 10 minutes of meditation can be akin to several hours sleep.

The first track is the Brainwave Metronome sound embedded with the meditative and relaxing music by James Wild. The second track is just the Metronome for those who like the purity of the sound.

On both tracks, over the first 10 minutes, the tone moves gradually from Alpha (7 Hz - a relaxed calm state) to Theta (4 Hz - a deeper meditative state). The following 15 mins it remains at Theta. This gives you the benefits of the frequency following response and brainwave entrainment (see below)

2 Tracks (50mins)

1: Quick Theta Energy Recharge with music (25:00)

2: Quick Theta Energy Recharge (25:00)

How to Use the Recording

A little pressure or stress can be good; it can improve memory and learning. It’s only when stress gets out of our control that it becomes detrimental to our wellbeing. Use the audio here to diffuse the unwanted stress in your life – whenever and wherever you choose.

You can listen to the audio in the morning, evening, at work, or on your travels. Just anytime you need a boost in energy. You don’t even need to do the full 25 mins – 10 or 15 minutes may be all you need to feel refreshed and ready for the new day or next activity.

The Theta state is the dimension of enhanced perception, so accessing Theta can help you become more attuned to those things around you. Theta can boost your problem solving skills and what naturally follows is a more relaxed and calm state of mind. Brainwave Entrainment is when we listen to a Brainwave rhythm, such as a metronome sound, and the brains electrical activity matches the resonant frequency. With practice you can access the Theta Brainwave state by listening to our Brainwave Metronome sound. 

The Frequency Following Response: To help you access a deeper state, the tone starts at a frequency of 7 Hz (Alpha Brainwave) and over the first 10 mins gradually slows down to 4 Hz (Theta Brainwave). The remainder of the track stays at 4 Hz. This gives you the benefits of the frequency following response where the brain’s activity “follows the metronome”, moving you gradually deeper in your meditation. A big advantage of this recording is that you don't have to use headphones.

James Wild is well known for creating quality, soothing, ambient music - further enhancing the state of Theta, giving you more energy for your day.

For more on the brainwaves states click SELECT HERE for an article by James Wild

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