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Quiet Earth

Understanding Ayahuasca and DMT MP3

$16.95 $9.95
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Understanding Ayahuasca and DMT MP3

$16.95 $9.95
(You save $7.00)
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Product Description

Format: MP3 Download (change to the CD of this title)
Type: Discussion
Author: James Wild

© 2011. Size: 31MB. Total time: 68mins

Unravel the Mysteries of this Remarkable Plant Medicine

For thousands of years Indian tribes across the Amazon basin have used the plant medicine Ayahuasca in shamanistic ceremonies. The Ayahuasca brew is a sacrament and hailed as a healing tea with extraordinary properties. In the last decade Ayahuasca tourism in South America has grown in popularity with westerners wishing to explore the journey into altered states of consciousness affected by the plant preparation.

In the spirit of scientific exploration, James Wild presents an in depth and timely account about the world of Ayahuasca. This highly informative audio discussion demystifies this little understood but fascinating entheogen.

Tracks 1 to 8: Discussion (68mins)
1: Introduction to the Ayahuasca Journey (8:26)
2: What is Ayahuasca? (5:03)
3: History, Ethnology, Mythology and the Ayahuasca Ceremony (10:47)
4: Usage and Effects (6:27)
5: Ethnobotany, Preparation and Brews (6:24)
6: Chemistry, Pharmacology and DMT (19:22)
7: Benefits and Healing Qualities (4:15)
8: Harmful Effects, Tolerance and Law (7:24)

Note from James Wild: This is my first release in a new "Understanding Audio" series I am developing for Quiet Earth. I find the plant medicines fascinating and this is quite an extensive audio on Ayahuasca and DMT. Lots of information here that should answer many of your questions on this fascinating botanical tea. Below are the references used.

"There is so much information here. James has put together such a comphensive discussion that it takes a few listens to absorb it all. Thanks and I look forward to more talks." Colin, email, Australia

"This is very well researched and absorbing talk on Ayahuasca." Ian, email, USA

"Yes this is very good and a thorough no nonsense look at Ayahuasca. Cuts through a lot of the speculative nonsense people write on this plant medicine." Gary, email, USA

"Wow. More information than I expected ever to have in such a product. Answered all my questions on Ayahuasca. Really good work James." Libby, email, UK

"I have been a an Aya journey and it was reassuring to hear this audio by James Wild. It gave me a different perspective on the usual things I have read" Lars, email, Denmark

References Used

The Journey Book: Travels on the Frontiers of Consciousness - Undergrowth Inc

The Ayahuasca Reader – Synergetic Press

The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner - Bantam

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From Chocolate to Morphine by Rosen and Weil - Mariner Books

The Scientific Investigation of Ayahuasca: A review of past and current research by McKenna, Callaway and Grob

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