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Quiet Earth

Redeemers Club Seminar by Stuart Wilde

£260.22 £183.47
(You save £76.75)

Redeemers Club Seminar by Stuart Wilde

£260.22 £183.47
(You save £76.75)
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Product Description

Format: PDF and Audio Files Download in Zip Folder
Type: Seminar/Study Course
Author: Stuart Wilde

© 2008

The Redeemers Club comprised a group of students Stuart Wilde gathered and taught between 2006-2008.

This is an extraordinary body of work encompassing over 1 million words being a significant and important part of the teachings of Stuart Wilde.

There are 21 written lessons, 8 audio lessons, over 200 articles on many different subjects (see topics below), an edited version of the RC Message Board plus other items. All this was available to the original students and is now available to you.

NOTE: When ordering this package you will receive an email with your download instructions for the PDF and audio files.

What you get in the RC Package

    • 21 Written Lessons (see list below)

    • 7 Hours of Stuart Wilde Audio including 6 discussion Lessons (see list below)

    • Over 200 Articles (see list below)

    • 4,000 pages from the Message Board

    • Original Stuart Wilde Theta Metronome Audio

    • Heartbeat Meditation Audio


The Article Categories

  • Alternative Thinking
  • Apparitions & Apports
  • Ayahuasca, Plant Medicines, Soma
  • Destiny of the World
  • Emotions, Feelings, Sentiments
  • Etheric Fields
  • Femininity, Goddess
  • Gaia, Earth Changes, Animal Kingdoms
  • Health, Food, Diet
  • Karma, Reincarnation, Human Shadow
  • Metaphysical Articles
  • Meditation
  • Metaphysics
  • Mirror Worlds, Dimensions, Morph
  • Money, Gold, Shares
  • Perception, ESP, Higher State of Mind
  • Politics, New World Order
  • Readers’ Questions and Answers
  • Redemption Songs
  • Religions, Gurus
  • Resonance
  • Symmetry and Beauty
  • UFOs, Ghouls and Trans Dimensional
  • Universe, Cosmology
  • Visions

The Lessons (written and audio)

  •  Lesson 1 – Introductory Lesson
  •  Lesson 2 – From Stuart/The Grail
  •  Lesson 3 – Just For You
  •  Lesson 4 – The Prize
  •  Lesson 5 – Punctuality (Spirituality and the Lightness of Being Audio)
  •  Lesson 6 – The Mystery of Gaia and the Archway of Roses
  •  Lesson 7  Om & Ka 
  •  Lesson 8 – The Nature Worlds
  •  Lesson 9 – Obesity of the Soul
  •  Lesson 10 – Reverence (Spirituality and the Lightness of Being and Your Journey to Transcendence Audio)
  •  Lesson 11 – Perception
  •  Lesson 12 – Fortitude
  •  Lesson 13 – Trust
  •  Lesson 14 – Armageddon
  •  Lesson 15 – The Sacrament
  •  Lesson 16 – The Black Attention
  •  Lesson 17 – Money (Your Money Opportunities Audio)
  •  Lesson 18 – Control (Control and the New World Order Audio)
  •  Lesson 19 – Religion (Religion and the Destiny of Man Audio)
  •  Lesson 20 – The Morph and The Book of Revelation
  •  Lesson 21 & 22 - The Messianic Bloodline & The Slaughter of the Innocents
  •  Lesson 23 – Heartbeat Meditation Audio
  •  Lesson 24 – Integrity and the Heart
  •  Lesson 25 – Ghouls and their Origins
  •  Lesson 26 – The Logo
  •  Lesson 27 – Grace & The Malice of Four Thoughts

List of Audios noted above

  • Spirituality and the Lightness of Being MP3
  • Your Journey to Transcendence MP3
  • The Matrix and the Morph MP3
  • Your Money Opportunities MP3
  • Change and the New World Order MP3
  • Religion and the Destiny of Man MP3
  • Heartbeat Meditation MP3
  • Theta Metronome - Original by Stuart Wilde MP3


Stuart Wilde on The Redeemer’s Club in 2007

I have been writing on the Internet for seven years but now what I want to do is to retreat to a more private place where I can write in a less inhibited way. To that end, I am starting a new site called The Redeemer’s Club. It will essentially begin as an association in virtual reality of spiritual scallywags that seek their own redemption by learning how to offer it to others.

The Spiritual Journey

The final part of any spiritual journey is when you redeem yourself, not only of your transgressions but of the stored memories of pain that you acquired in this life. It's the final reconciliation whereby you are made whole and you step through a doorway to see another evolution. It’s not death - it’s looking and learning and coming back to adjust this evolution with what you have now learned, then returning to look some more.

Redemption offered by a priest or a religious system might be momentarily pleasing and it may have some worth to some people, but it doesn’t wash away the wounds of your soul as it doesn’t address the memory of past pain or the tarnished nature of one’s journey through life. The truth is, of course, that no one can instantly wash away your sins; they are eternal just as your goodness is eternal.

But what I seek to do is to lay out a methodology whereby you understand the shadow in your soul and you learn to transmute it. It’s a long journey and you can’t make the transition overnight, but my idea is to eventually build an association of people who have reconciled their souls and so they will have a Special Lucidity. It’s not perfection, it’s just an acuteness of perception which they can then use to pull small groups to them and show them the way into the Morph and the other worlds.

It has to be small groups of people that essentially have noble souls and honorable intentions, like the knights and ladies of old people that will make the journey and keep the methodology sacrosanct. Certainly, once you have the method down pat you can offer bits of it to others to help them along but you can never offer it all until you are absolutely sure of the person to whom the offer is made. “Many are called but few are chosen.” It has to be that way at first because we humans are so crafty at hiding our darkness, one has to wait until the person in question shows you their true light.

The methodology begins with questions: Who are you? What are your triumphs? How did you serve? What are you prepared to do henceforth? It’s a journey of exploration into your soul where you highlight your true worth and you look at shortcomings, without dwelling on them too much! Later I’ll show you how to arrive at the door and I’ll include etheric techniques for you to practice that will spin you forward at a fast pace.

Past dogma and recriminations, off the ivory tower with a bump maybe, and once you get over that I’ll show you how to slip-slide to a dimension that is but yards away at 90º.

To that end, the Redeemer’s Club will offer you a thread with which to tie up your life in a reconciliation that describes your soul as part of an Eternal Order. Even if you don’t initially see how your worth will redeem you, you will soon discover that with simple changes and a humble plan you can offer up your life silently to your redemption and to the redemption of others.

The pain of our humanity can’t go on forever, for a lesson that lasts forever is not a lesson; it’s a punishment, a torment. In spite of our collective evil, we are too child-like and innocent to warrant perpetual punishment. Everyone has to eventually be offered an exit, for the spiritual laws of our universe are symmetrical, and so at a higher level they have to be fair and compassionate. How each will arrive at that exit and reconciliation is beyond me, there are too many people and too many cultures, but the power of one allows for the company of two and two makes way for the association of four and so on.

It’s a gathering of people of like minds that seek to reconcile themselves once and for all.

The time of the Great Cleansing is almost upon us, and so now I would rather proceed with a few people that are powerful and brave that would like to step to the door, rather than just be a writer of a quite interesting Internet site for people that only have a passing interest in esoteric things. I’d prefer to coach thirty-three people one-on-one, over a few years, than write for ten thousand people that will never make the trip. That is not to say they may not go via some other route; it’s just to say I will now take a few with me if they want to come.


Stuart Wilde (2007)

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