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Quiet Earth

The Elements of Man Study Course by Stuart Wilde


The Elements of Man Study Course by Stuart Wilde

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Format: MP3 plus PDF Downloads
Type: Study Course containing Transcripts and Audio MP3 Downloads
Author: Stuart Wilde 

Discover your element harmonised with the seasons with this extraordinary study course from Stuart Wilde.

In the heartfelt 1970's, Stuart Wilde was a student at the London School of Psychic Studies. It was at this school where he was introduced to a remarkable teaching — The Elements of Man. This information came through a spirit guide affectionately known as Old Chinese.

The Elements of Man was taken to its highest evolution in the 1980's and 90's by a teacher named Glynn with the Four Seasons Seminar. This information is no longer available but here we offer you Stuart's original Elements of Man study course in the form of writings and audios.

Herein is a wealth of information and we hope you find it as compelling as we do.

In this download package you receive:

- The Nature Self by Stuart Wilde (30 min audio & written transcript).
A discussion by Stuart on The Elements of Man. Included is the original audio plus a written transcript of that audio to help you better understand the information.

- Elements of Man Workbook by Stuart Wilde (52 pages).

- Tao Meditation by Stuart Wilde (26 min audio).
A lovely meditation journey that takes you through an enchanted garden where you discover each element with challenges along the way.

- Original Elements of Man Transcript (109 pages). 


moountains-steep-narrow.jpgFrom Old Chinese:

"In your world there are many varieties of nature. No matter Eastern or Western, North or South, there is an element of the four seasons in every situation. We deal with all of them in regards to each reincarnation cycle. Those of you that feel no closeness to the changing of the seasons, to the way nature goes, will find that by identification with the element that is a part of your life, you will find an inner peace and an inner beauty....

"Unlike astrology and all of the occult essences, the Elements of Man show the destiny, or the outline; but they also show the area that man can step beyond, that control of free will.

"The spiritual evolution of an individual allows him to understand the path that he is on. He is not looking to the horizon for his shoes; he realises they are on his feet. And in doing so, he can project and be able to feel himself along his path so completely and fully that his path becomes not only a delightful livingness, it becomes a creative evolution of his individual projection of his reality and spiritual growth, He that knows and can look at another man in regards to his element, and is able to interrelate that way, is taking the next step towards his own spiritual evolution of stepping above the destiny patterns set down at reincarnation.

"The destiny patterns, the lines upon your hand, your astrological sign, your graphology, your phrenology, the particular style and mode of your body, the place you were born in, the people you were born to—understanding the element, working with it, dealing with it in its highest perspective, will not only allow you to grow, but will give you an essence of peace, an essence of understanding why you are here, when you should be there, and where you are going from now.

"This is the beginning. In the weeks to come, we will follow the Emperor as he learns his lesson in each session. And we will learn also, along with him, of the interrelatedness of the Elements of Man...."


In Old China, a sage was walking with a student and the student said, ‘How can I deal with our people? How can I understand them, old man?’
And he said, ‘Let us stop and look at this tree.’

And the student said, ‘I’m not interested in trees, I'm interested in man.’
‘Ah, but listen. In the winter, what does the tree do?’
‘It has no leaves,’ said the student, ‘but the roots become active. Energy returns to it as the sun begins to bring it more energy.’
‘Ah, and what happens in the spring?’
‘The leaves form, buds begin. Birds come and nest; they use it for shelter and shade.’
‘Ah, said the sage, ‘and the summer?’
‘The fruit is picked, the young birds leave the nest. It is used to shade deep.’
‘And the fall?’
‘The leaves fall; and the birds leave and refresh.’
‘You have answered your question,’ said the sage. ‘You are as the tree.’
‘Ah,’ said the student, ‘but what about the evergreen that does not have this?’
And the sage said, ‘But it does, it does. It is a highly evolved tree and does it in silence, not in flamboyance.’
Blessings and peace.

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